Calorie/Carb Calculating Apps Make It Easy

You hear a lot about calorie/carb calculating apps and may wonder if they’re at all useful. The easy answer, yes! Of course, I believe the best kind of app is one that actually plans the meals for you without the need for you to constantly input information. Those types help you plan your meals and learn how to develop healthy eating habits. It’s why I use that type as part of my training program. However, using an app can help anyone that wants to shed some pounds by lowering their calorie or carb intake.

Most people have their phone with them 24/7.

One of the huge benefits of these apps is that they’re always with you. Most people would rather leave their house without their shoes than to leave without their phone. That’s why an app for the phone is so good. You normally have it with you 24/7 anyway, so you’re not carrying anything extra. While some people still have an appointment book they carry, most people use their phones. After all, many appointments are now scheduled online, so it’s an easier way to do things. Using an app means you’ll always have your tracker with you, so there are no excuses.

It sure beats carrying a book or looking up the information online.

If you have to record calories or carbs every time you eat, going to an online calorie or carb counter or looking it up in a book adds extra work and it could be enough extra work to make you want to skip it, or at least skip a few entries. That can cause the entire tracking to go down the drain because it puts the person right back into trying to remember everything they throughout the day. Eventually, that dedication to remember is lost.

Some apps have other functions.

Some of the apps to count calories or carbs include other functions, such as setting goals or reminding you to eat if you’re on a Keto diet. The app we use to help clients actually plans the meals, besides providing grocery lists, food scanner, fitbit synchronization and recipes, plus so much more. It’s like having a trainer available by just looking at your phone.

  • No matter how good the app is, you still need to track your food intake or follow its advice. It’s a tool, not a guarantee, because you must use that information for it to be beneficial.
  • Some apps, like the ones we use, combine the caloric intake with the caloric output by tracking calories burned during exercise.
  • With an app, you’ll get a good look at not only how many calories or carbs you’ve already eaten throughout the day so you can adjust your meals later in the day. If you’re going out for the evening and expect to eat more, you can eat lighter during the day to ensure you have extra or the evening.
  • Apps make losing weight more interesting and by doing that, easier. Gadgets are fun, especially when they make things easier to do. That describes these apps perfectly.

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