Change The Way You See Yourself

How you look and what you do is all governed by the way you see yourself. If you see yourself as a failure, guess what! You’ll live up to your expectations. No matter who you are or what you’re attempting to do, if you don’t believe you can accomplish your goals or don’t think you deserve to accomplish your goals, you simply won’t. That goes for anyone and any type of goal.

Even the most dedicated person with the strongest will can find a way to fail.

You’ve probably seen stories about people that reach sudden stardom and throw it all away with drugs, poor life decisions or poor choices of money managers. These people never believed they could accomplish all that they have and they’ve set their mind to subconsciously sabotaging their success. They’re trying to live up to their inner belief that they’ll fail…one way or another. You have to truly believe that not only can you succeed, but also deserve that success.

See yourself as fit and nothing can stop you.

If you see yourself as fit, you’ll find a way to overcome problems that stand in your way. I have a client that doesn’t exercise in long bouts, but definitely exercises constantly. She does a workout every commercial and makes sure she gets up and moves around every hour. She does do a consistent 30 minute workout three times a week, but it’s completed in ten minute sessions throughout the day. She saw herself fit and overcame the problem of having enough time by breaking up the workout to smaller sessions.

Don’t let others impose their views on you.

One of the biggest problems faced by many people that I work with is that they allow other people to dictate who they are and how they should or shouldn’t look. The imposition is subtle. Sneers when the person tells them you’re working out or off hand comments about always being fat or frumpy. Those remarks often lower self-confidence and can ultimately make the person quit. I often advise people to avoid the negativity by avoiding the person. If that can’t be helped, don’t share plans with them.

  • There’s no time like the present to change how you see yourself. If you’ve never exercised more than just clicking your way through the channels on the remote, tell yourself that you hate watching TV and love exercising.
  • Picture yourself as the person that loves fresh fruits and vegetables, rather than the pizza or pastry guy or girl. You’ll find you really do start to love them when you learn how many different ways they can be made.
  • Learn to switch out foods and drink, like switching to water rather than soft drinks that add unnecessary calories. Not only does water not have calories, it also fills you up and can give you a boost of energy.
  • Never give up. Even if you binge, it’s just one meal or one incident. Go back to healthy eating the next meal or the next day. Thin people often eat junk occasionally, but they eat more healthy foods overall.

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