Change Your Attitude Toward Fitness

Your attitude toward fitness can make or break your fitness goals. If you find every excuse in the book to miss your workout time, maybe it’s time to either change your program or change your mind. No matter what your goal in life, the most important factor is a positive attitude. If you think you can and want it, you’ll achieve it. It makes a huge difference in whether you’ll be successful in your fitness program. Think of those times when you really wanted to skip a workout and identify what got you to the gym or if you didn’t go, why?

Don’t make your fitness goals just another wish or empty promise.

What’s your reason for working out and why do you dread it? If the problem is that you simply hate the workout, then it’s time to do something different. Maybe you don’t like lifting weights or doing calisthenics, that doesn’t mean you can’t get fit. Swimming, hiking or riding a bike could be options on some of the days. Mixing up your workout with other activities can keep you interested and focused. In fact, some people find that it can drive them to success. If you’re rock climbing, but need more upper body strength, that’s real motivation to workout.

Make sure your focus is important to you.

Are you starting a fitness program because a friend or family member told you to do that or do you have a reason that’s far more personal and important. I had one client whose family told them to workout AND to quit smoking. He told them that he tried and had failed in those attempts. That person didn’t want to do either, but grudgingly came to the gym. He didn’t push himself and I know he was still smoking. He was the living example of a self-fulfilling prophecy and ended his gym attendance within the month. Make it something YOU want. Even if your doctor says you should come, it still could be something you want, like the option to live longer and healthier.

Get your mindset straight and the rest will follow.

The problem may be the lack of belief that you can change or maybe that you deserve to look and feel good. Maybe you simply don’t have a firm grip on what you want or what you can achieve. It all starts with how you see yourself and what you truly believe you can achieve. NO MATTER WHAT YOUR GOAL, YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IT IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE IT. It’s time to change your mind so you can change your future.

  • Don’t expect getting fit to be easy. It isn’t, but the reward at the end is worth it. You have to continuously see things as you want them to be, keeping your goal at the front and never dwelling in the past.
  • Winners keep score. Track your successes. Whether you do it by tracking your weight, measurements or the number of reps and increased energy level, it doesn’t matter, tracking your progress is important.
  • Fitness is more than just working out, it’s also about eating healthy. You can’t out-exercise a bad diet. When you eat healthy, you’ll be giving your body the nutrients it needs to be strong, without the excess calories.
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