Exercising Is More Fun With A Workout Partner

If you’ve ever started a fitness program, only to have it end due to neglect, you’ll know the benefit of exercising with a workout partner. Just like a personal trainer waiting for you at the gym, a workout partner holds you accountable. In fact, that’s one reason personal trainers get such good results. Knowing you’ll be meeting with someone for an exercise session is an incentive to workout even when you’d rather sit and watch TV.

You’ll not only show up for exercise, you’ll probably workout harder with an exercise partner.

If you find yourself simply going through the motions when you workout, think about how you might do your exercises if you thought someone was watching you. That’s right! It’s just human nature to push a little harder and do a little more when you think someone is watching. A workout partner can provide you with that audience, just like do for them. You’ll push each other to improve more and workout longer.

Workout partners can be a safety aid.

Seriously, no matter what your age, accidents happen. Having someone there to help if they do can be a huge benefit. If you’re jogging, doing calisthenics or lifting weights, having a partner to help you could make the difference between injury or safety. A lot can happen and a workout friend can get help quickly if there’s an injury, deter a mugging or just be a great spotter for weight lifters. It’s especially important for older people who are just starting a workout program, especially if there have been previous health issues.

An exercise buddy brings their experience to the workout.

Maybe you’ve started a workout program, that doesn’t mean you can’t add to it or mix it up occasionally. A workout buddy brings their own experience and workouts to the mix. I have many clients that say they were afraid to try a new workout, until they had a workout buddy. Not only does it make it easier when two people are learning something new, it also makes it more fun to try new things.

  • A workout partner will push you harder, but make it fun in the process with friendly competition. Even if you don’t compete, nobody wants to quit too soon when someone else is watching.
  • A workout buddy can also be a fitness partner and help you stick with healthy eating habits. Sharing recipes and even cutting the work in half by doubling the recipes and sharing can be part of the relationship.
  • No matter how supportive family and friends are, nobody can really understand those highs and lows of working out unless they participate. Workout partners provide great support and revel in your successes as much as you do.
  • Workout partners can and should be people you enjoy. That means you’ll actually look forward to every minute of exercise. While it’s tough and makes you sweat, that doesn’t mean you can’t laugh and have fun, too.

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