Knowing When You Should Gain Weight For Your Health

If you’re overweight and desperately trying to lose weight, you probably don’t have one ounce of sympathy for those people who eat constantly trying to gain weight. It can be just as much of a problem for them, since it’s tough to eat when you’re feeling full and even more difficult to eat healthy to gain weight for your health. Healthy foods aren’t known to put on the pounds. Here are some signs that should alert anyone that is thin that it’s time to gain weight and a few tips on how to do it right.

Your BMI is below 18.5.

BMI is body mass index. It’s a calculation that takes your height and weight into consideration. Age plays a role, too. Once you’re past the age of 40, the older you are, the less muscle mass you probably have. For older adults, assessing the amount of lean muscle mass is more important. For those younger, the BMI is still a good indicator of whether you’re too heavy or too thin. For people in their twenties, having a BMI that indicated the status of being overweight showed an increased risk of mortality. The same was not true of older adults. In fact, the opposite was true. An underweight BMI indicated that. However, there’s no conclusion on whether being underweight increased the risk of mortality or whether an illness that increased the risk of mortality caused the individuals to be underweight.

Signs that may or may not indicate too low of a body weight.

Being skinny might be a sign, but it also might mean the person is at their perfect body weight. People with longer torsos will weigh more than those with longer legs. Arms and hands that look like spider’s webs showing because of the veins can be another sign of being underweight. That too might be deceiving. Just look at those people who are bodybuilders and watch a pose. Every vein in their body seems to be visible. Joints that look too disproportionate for the body may be a sign, but then again, larger boned people or those with larger joints should be eliminated. Signs that should make you worry are irregular menstrual periods, getting sick easily due to a weak immune system, hair loss, dizziness and fatigue or for children, poor growth and inadequate development.

There are things you should do if you’re underweight.

Even though it’s said you can’t have too much money or be too thin, that’s not true…about the thin part, that is. If you’ve been thin all your life, you’ve probably already seen a doctor who noted it and checked for various illnesses. If you’ve recently lost weight and have become underweight, immediately see your physician for a checkup. Illness or serious conditions can cause sudden weight loss. Add more good protein sources, healthy fat and grain to your diet.

  • Nut butter can be liberally added to your diet. Slather some onto apple slices or your toast in the morning. It adds calories, healthy fat and protein.
  • Top off your omelet with extra cheese and sprinkle extra on healthy soups or salads.
  • Keep snacks with you at all times. Munch on some healthy trail mix with seeds, nuts and dried fruit. You can even sprinkle in a few dark chocolate chip for extra calories.
  • Drink some of your fruit. Rather than consuming all your fruit whole, turn it into a smoothie or go for pure juice. There’s no fiber to fill you up in the juice.

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