Lose Mommy Belly

If you live in Florida, you know that the clothing is often casual and skimpy….particularly in the hot summer months. Those revealing clothes are a huge incentive to lose mommy belly. If you’ve had a child, you know exactly what that means. Right after delivery, you look down and what was once a bump is now flat again, at least until you stand up. That’s when you suddenly see a ball of belly drop! The muscles are stretched and they take time to help you get back into shape. Hanging belly is made worse by extra pounds. Most women gain a few extra pounds when they’re pregnant, so losing that weight is necessary, too.

Start by eating healthier.

You’re a new mom, so expect to be tired and not quite ready to put hours into meal prep. Don’t worry, some of the best ways to shed pounds and eat healthy is to eat whole foods that are closest to their natural state. Don’t skip meals, you need your energy. Make sure you have healthy snacks available. Eating five or six times a day is better for reducing belly fat than eating three big meals. Enjoy your meal. Take time to savor the flavor. You’ll be tempted to eat on the run…but don’t! Get plenty of fiber and drink at least twelve cups of water a day. Cut out sweets and use fruit and nuts or other healthy food as a treat.

Start your exercise program when your doctor gives you the okay!

I know a woman who thought she’d start her workout program immediately after childbirth. While it wasn’t a good decision, luckily for her she had been quite active before delivery, so it didn’t cause a problem. Most doctors recommend waiting to start a rigorous exercise program for six to eight weeks. You don’t have to sit idly by during that time. Take baby for walks and get active or go to the pool and walk in the water.

Start working out slowly.

When you and your doctor feel that it’s time for a formal workout program, start slowly. While you need to do abdominal exercises and those to strengthen the pelvic girdle, total body fitness is the way to go. Strength building exercises can burn tons of calories, plus build you up to carry baby as he or she grows. HIIT workouts allow you to set your own pace and can provide strength, flexibility and aerobic workouts all in one.

  • Get adequate sleep. That may sound tough when you first deliver, babies don’t keep your schedule! Take frequent naps to help your body get back into shape and keep your hunger hormones in check.
  • Do isometric exercises, such as tightening and relaxing stomach muscles. Blow all the air out of your lungs, pull your stomach in and hold as you breathe in slowly.
  • Don’t skip meals. Eating healthy foods throughout the day can keep your metabolism at top speed and help you shed those baby pounds.
  • Don’t expect overnight miracles. It may take six to twelve months to get your body back to normal. If you’re having trouble losing baby belly after a year, it may be time to get help from a trainer.

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