Strength Training 101

It might be intimidating to start strength training. Some women worry that it will give them bulging muscles. Learning the right way to do strength exercises is important, not only for maximum benefits, but also for safety. That why I create the easiest to follow techniques for clients both here in Florida and those online. Strength training plays an important role in fitness goals, no matter what they are. I also like to assure women that they won’t get bulging muscles, just toned ones. Due to hormone differences in women, it would take a special program and lots of extra work to see the muscle growth of women in body building.

What’s the difference between all types of exercises.

You need four types of fitness to be truly healthy, endurance, strength, flexibility and balance. Each part plays an important role. Without flexibility, you’re more susceptible to muscle injuries and pulls. Endurance is a cardio workout to keep you heart healthy and balance helps prevent injuries from falls. Strength training not only helps prevent injuries, it also helps build stronger bones. Some exercises, particularly if done as a part of interval training.

The key to strength training is form.

One of the most important part of strength training is making sure you have good form. Whether you’re lifting weights, kettlebells or using resistance bands, the proper form will help prevent injury and maximize the benefits. Focusing on compound exercises that work the whole body, not only bring more benefits and cuts workout time, they also burn more calories and continue to burn them after the workout ends. After a strength training workout ends, the body continues to burn extra calories for up to 48 hours.

Luckily, you don’t have to be in a gym to do strength training.

Some simple bodyweight exercises, such as push-ups or pull-ups are strength training workouts. If you prefer to use equipment when strength training, resistance bands pack easily into most suitcases and provide a good workout. For those working out at home who don’t have equipment, don’t worry. You can make weights. Think plastic detergent or milk bottles and add water or sand. As you get stronger, simply add more water or sand. It’s all about technique, not whether you have the most expensive equipment.

  • Some people get too excited when they see the results or want to get results quicker, so they do strength training every day. That actually can slow your progress and even waste muscle tissue. You need at least 48 hours for the muscles to rest and heal.
  • As you age, your body loses muscle mass more quickly. That’s why I encourage seniors, particularly women, to do strength training. It’s found to be as effective as medication for slowing and even reversing bone loss.
  • Even if you’re eager to get results, start slowly and build the amount of repetitions, weight and intensity. I cannot emphasize enough how important proper form is. If you start with weights that are too heavy, you’ll not achieve it.
  • You can achieve more with a varied program. I offer a complete program of workouts you can do at home and will guide you through each step to avoid the pitfalls most beginners make.

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