Workout Tips For Busy Moms

I get a lot of requests from clients in Florida, for help. One of the biggest problems they have is fitting exercise and a healthy lifestyle into their schedule. It’s especially a problem for moms, whether they work outside the home or not. They have so many demands on their time that are controlled by others, whether it’s the boss at work, the children’s schedule or a spouse. That makes carving out time for themselves almost impossible. Here are some workout tips for busy moms that can help make working out regularly easier.

Make your workout a priority, not a luxury.

Feeling selfish about carving out time is one of the biggest hurdles busy moms have. I’ve actually seen mom’s put off going to the doctor for medical conditions, using their child’s school trip or other family needs as the reason. Some misguided moms think that taking care of their health is a luxury, but they’re wrong. In fact, it’s selfish not to make sure you’re in good health and stay that way. If you aren’t healthy, not only is there no one to take care of your family, someone has to take care of you. Working out regularly and eating healthy should be a top priority. Treat it as such and schedule it into your week.

Create a routine and get the kids involved in working out and staying fit.

Younger children often love working out with mom. When working out is part of your schedule, you are more apt to do it. The kids also know that it’s your time to get fit. Make it a rule that if they need you, they have to join you in exercise. If you’re doing jumping jacks and they want to tattle on brother or sister, they have to do jumping jacks with you to report the infraction. It actually makes it more fun when you have a workout zone where everyone who enters joins the routine.

Create healthy meals and make them on your days off work.

If you are a stay-at-home mom, devote one or two hours each week to meal planning and creating a grocery list for healthy eating, a specific time to shop and two days to prepare the weekly fare. Make sure you double the recipes, so you can freeze meals ahead. In a few weeks, you’ll have healthy meals and snacks ready with only a few hours of prep, since you’ll already have enough meals ready to use in the freezer.

  • You don’t have to do an exercise routine every day, some of your workout can be devoted to fun kid time. Hiking, biking and even hula hooping provide the exercise you need and a fun family time.
  • Get up earlier. Nobody wants to have to get up before the family to get in workout time, but sometimes there’s no alternative. It’s one option to work it in your day.
  • Get adequate sleep. To be your best, you need plenty of sleep to have the energy. Getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night will help you stay healthier and make it easier to lose weight.
  • Share your goals. If your kids are old enough, share your goals. Put reminder signs up, post a schedule and keep your goal in front of you. Letting the kids know that success comes from setting goals and the creating the steps to achieve them is a huge lesson in life.

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