You’ll Get More Than Just Muscles From Strength Training

Whether you’re a man or women, live in Florida or somewhere else, strength training is important. While you might consider it just for body builders or weight lifters, it provides more benefits than just building biceps or bulging muscles elsewhere. In fact, most women, unless they’re training excessively hard to build them, won’t get big muscles, but tone muscles instead. It all has to do with body chemistry. Even men must workout specifically to get that look, but they build muscle tissue faster.

Strength training helps you burn fat, while you do it and afterward, too.

When you’re doing strength training, you’ll be burning calories galore. Even hours after you do strength training, you’ll still get afterburn, boosting your metabolism. It keeps your resting metabolic rate higher long after you quit. It also helps build muscle tissue, which requires more calories than fat tissue does. The more muscle tissue you have, the more calories you’ll burn. Strength training is extremely important when you want to lose weight.

Slow down the aging process, while you prevent serious conditions with weight training.

Male or female, after we reach mid thirties, our bodies start to lose muscle mass. That loss of muscle is called sarcopenia. While muscle decline occurs naturally, it doesn’t have to be part of aging. You can slow it and even reverse it with strength training. Muscles tugging on the bones help prevent osteoporosis. It causes a chemical reaction that sends calcium to build bone density. Strength training helps prevent osteoporosis. Even people with thinning bones show improved bone density.

Functional fitness is important, especially as you age.

Building muscle tissue and strength not only helps keep fat off, but also aids your posture, balance and coordination. It can reduce the risk of falling, especially in seniors, by as much as forty percent. Muscle tissue helps protect internal organs and prevents other injuries to the body. However, even though strength training is part of functional fitness, you also need endurance and flexibility training, too.

  • The more muscle tissue you have, the thinner you’ll look, since muscle tissue weighs more per cubic inch than fat tissue does, so it takes up less space. Sometimes, people get discouraged when they fail to lose weight, but don’t consider that they lost inches.
  • Research shows that strength training helps improve cognitive functioning. That’s true for everyone, but especially for seniors.
  • You’ll improve your posture with strength training. Improved posture not only boosts your confidence, it helps digestion, breathing and prevents excess wear and tear on joints.
  • Strength training gives a boost to your energy level. It can help you keep going strong to the end of the day. You’ll complete tasks quicker and have energy to spare.

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