Your Mindset Is Key

Fitness is all about doing what you need to do and to eat to be your best. It doesn’t matter what the workout or what the diet, as long as it’s healthy and lower in calories. It’s about exercising regularly to build muscle tissue and burn fat, while eating healthy. In other words, getting fit is all about mindset. You have to believe what you’re doing is going to work and follow your plan daily, not just one or two days, one or two weeks or one or two months. Fitness is a long term goal and there’s no short cuts.

Believe you can accomplish your goals.

One of the biggest problem I see clients face is their lack of belief. Failure from the past efforts can come back to haunt them. They may have “tried” everything. I put the word tried in quotes for a reason. You try a new food. That means you sample it, see if you like it, but don’t commit to eating an entire plateful. People who don’t believe will “try” any new program, but soon give up because they aren’t seeing the results they hoped to see. Sometimes, just working out a few more weeks would give them incentive, but because they believe it’s hopeless and they can’t succeed, they don’t.

There are no magical formulas that make immediate changes.

Don’t fall for those programs that promise results in two weeks. Sure, you’ll get some results, but they aren’t necessarily easy to identify. They may be improved flexibility, strength or endurance, but major changes, the ones that mean a smaller clothing size, aren’t normally immediate. Too often people want to see the results immediately, after a week of working out, and when they don’t get those results, they quit before there’s any possibility of success. There is no magical formula that helps you shed lots of weight in a healthy manner or build muscles overnight. It takes consistent work and effort to do that.

Find something you like that keeps you working out.

If you start a fitness program that focuses on jogging or running, but you hate jogging or running, you’ll fail—guaranteed! Your workout should be something you like to do. I have clients that love body weight exercises and those that hate them, but instead, prefer lifting weights. Other clients may not care for traditional modes of exercise, but do enjoy dancing or a particular sport. While you can’t always get away from everything you hate and do only the things you love, you can do more of the things you love to boost your moral and get you on the road to fitness faster.

  • If you want to succeed and stay motivated, but don’t think you can do it on your own, get a workout partner. One reason my programs are so successful is that you’re held accountable.
  • While any type of workout will help you get in better shape, there are ones that get the job done faster, not miracle faster, like overnight, but in half the time.
  • You have to track your progress to know if you’re really getting results. Winners keep score.
  • No matter what your goal, if you truly believe you can achieve it and take the necessary steps to do that, you will come out victorious.

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