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Exercising Is More Fun With A Workout Partner

Exercising Is More Fun With A Workout Partner

If you’ve ever started a fitness program, only to have it end due to neglect, you’ll know the benefit of exercising with a workout partner. Just like a personal trainer waiting for you at the gym, a workout partner holds you accountable. In fact, that’s one reason personal trainers get such good results. Knowing you’ll be meeting with someone for an exercise session is an incentive to workout even when you’d rather sit and watch TV.

You’ll not only show up for exercise, you’ll probably workout harder with an exercise partner.

If you find yourself simply going through the motions when you workout, think about how you might do your exercises if you thought someone was watching you. That’s right! It’s just human nature to push a little harder and do a little more when you think someone is watching. A workout partner can provide you with that audience, just like do for them. You’ll push each other to improve more and workout longer.

Workout partners can be a safety aid.

Seriously, no matter what your age, accidents happen. Having someone there to help if they do can be a huge benefit. If you’re jogging, doing calisthenics or lifting weights, having a partner to help you could make the difference between injury or safety. A lot can happen and a workout friend can get help quickly if there’s an injury, deter a mugging or just be a great spotter for weight lifters. It’s especially important for older people who are just starting a workout program, especially if there have been previous health issues.

An exercise buddy brings their experience to the workout.

Maybe you’ve started a workout program, that doesn’t mean you can’t add to it or mix it up occasionally. A workout buddy brings their own experience and workouts to the mix. I have many clients that say they were afraid to try a new workout, until they had a workout buddy. Not only does it make it easier when two people are learning something new, it also makes it more fun to try new things.

  • A workout partner will push you harder, but make it fun in the process with friendly competition. Even if you don’t compete, nobody wants to quit too soon when someone else is watching.
  • A workout buddy can also be a fitness partner and help you stick with healthy eating habits. Sharing recipes and even cutting the work in half by doubling the recipes and sharing can be part of the relationship.
  • No matter how supportive family and friends are, nobody can really understand those highs and lows of working out unless they participate. Workout partners provide great support and revel in your successes as much as you do.
  • Workout partners can and should be people you enjoy. That means you’ll actually look forward to every minute of exercise. While it’s tough and makes you sweat, that doesn’t mean you can’t laugh and have fun, too.

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You Don't Need Equipment To Workout At Home

You Don’t Need Equipment To Workout At Home

When you watch TV or look on the internet, there’s always some “magical” machine that will give you the workout of your life and make losing weight and building muscle easy. Here’s the good news. People have been getting fit long before there were machines invented to help them. In fact, the key to getting fit comes with doing the most scientific combination of exercises. You don’t need equipment to workout at home, you just need the right program.

Bodyweight exercises are the best “no equipment” alternative.

Whether you’re doing strength training, flexibility training or endurance workouts, bodyweight training is especially good. Not only have these exercises provided great outcomes for years, but when combined together in a circuit training style, gives some of the best results available that no machine can match. Creating a circuit training workout can help improve cardio, while boosting strength and flexibility. You can adjust for fitness levels by taking shorter or longer rests between exercises or increasing the number of repetitions. Squats, pushups, lunges and planks all fall under the category of bodyweight exercises.

If you want equipment, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Resistance bands can be a boon to a workout. Not only are they effective for all muscle groups, they’re easy to carry when you go on vacation, cost very little and take up minimal space for storage. You’ll work your muscles and keep them under tension constantly throughout the workout. A balance or exercise ball is another piece of equipment that doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can create weights with sand or water and plastic milk jugs or laundry soap containers. Even a jump rope or hula hoop can be a super inexpensive and easy to store piece of equipment.

In the distant past, strong men got strong through work.

How did the old time strongmen train? They really didn’t use special workouts, but instead lived their workout. The ancient Greeks lifted stones, threw them and practiced rope climbing. Ancient Chinese also threw heavy items, did tug of war and other simple activities, besides martial arts, to get into shape. In fact, lifting a ding, a large weighted three legged cauldron was part of the martial arts training. You don’t have to look any further to find ways to boost your strength. Lifting heavy items, even grocery bags or a wooden garage door can help build strength. Doing chores and putting in maximum efforts, like rearranging furniture or washing windows can help too. You’ll be getting two things accomplished at once, getting fit and getting your chores done.

  • If your job is more mental than physical, that doesn’t mean you can’t build strength on the job. Chair exercises like chair pushups and moving for five minutes every hour helps you stay in shape.
  • Take the stairs rather than the elevator or park further from the store or work and walk to improve your endurance. Once you start getting fit, you’ll find ways to boost your workout routine and improve your overall fitness
  • Consistency is the key to any program. Keeping a schedule and sticking with it is important. So is creating goals and tracking and recording your progress.
  • No matter how much you workout, eating healthy should also be a top priority. You can’t out-exercise a bad diet when it comes to weight loss.

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Change Your Attitude Toward Fitness

Change Your Attitude Toward Fitness

Your attitude toward fitness can make or break your fitness goals. If you find every excuse in the book to miss your workout time, maybe it’s time to either change your program or change your mind. No matter what your goal in life, the most important factor is a positive attitude. If you think you can and want it, you’ll achieve it. It makes a huge difference in whether you’ll be successful in your fitness program. Think of those times when you really wanted to skip a workout and identify what got you to the gym or if you didn’t go, why?

Don’t make your fitness goals just another wish or empty promise.

What’s your reason for working out and why do you dread it? If the problem is that you simply hate the workout, then it’s time to do something different. Maybe you don’t like lifting weights or doing calisthenics, that doesn’t mean you can’t get fit. Swimming, hiking or riding a bike could be options on some of the days. Mixing up your workout with other activities can keep you interested and focused. In fact, some people find that it can drive them to success. If you’re rock climbing, but need more upper body strength, that’s real motivation to workout.

Make sure your focus is important to you.

Are you starting a fitness program because a friend or family member told you to do that or do you have a reason that’s far more personal and important. I had one client whose family told them to workout AND to quit smoking. He told them that he tried and had failed in those attempts. That person didn’t want to do either, but grudgingly came to the gym. He didn’t push himself and I know he was still smoking. He was the living example of a self-fulfilling prophecy and ended his gym attendance within the month. Make it something YOU want. Even if your doctor says you should come, it still could be something you want, like the option to live longer and healthier.

Get your mindset straight and the rest will follow.

The problem may be the lack of belief that you can change or maybe that you deserve to look and feel good. Maybe you simply don’t have a firm grip on what you want or what you can achieve. It all starts with how you see yourself and what you truly believe you can achieve. NO MATTER WHAT YOUR GOAL, YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IT IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE IT. It’s time to change your mind so you can change your future.

  • Don’t expect getting fit to be easy. It isn’t, but the reward at the end is worth it. You have to continuously see things as you want them to be, keeping your goal at the front and never dwelling in the past.
  • Winners keep score. Track your successes. Whether you do it by tracking your weight, measurements or the number of reps and increased energy level, it doesn’t matter, tracking your progress is important.
  • Fitness is more than just working out, it’s also about eating healthy. You can’t out-exercise a bad diet. When you eat healthy, you’ll be giving your body the nutrients it needs to be strong, without the excess calories.
  • Contact me at Craig Long Fit to get a free consultation or sign up for the free videos. If you’re ready to change your life and achieve your fitness goals, now is the time to start. Once you master that goal, the sky is the limit.

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Healthy Eating Habits You Can Start Today

Healthy Eating Habits You Can Start Today

Dieting doesn’t work, making lifestyle changes does. That’s why beginning the new year with a strict diet will doom you to failure. Diets always fail because they always end. At that point, you go back to old eating habits that put on weight in the first place and that starts the yo-yo weight loss process. Instead, start now with some healthy eating habits that will help you take off weight and prevent it from returning.

Start with the simple stuff.

If you’re not ready to jump in with both feet, start by dipping your toe in the water. Make sure you have healthy snacks available for mid morning and mid afternoon. Not only will it help keep you from hitting the candy machine at the office, raiding the cupboards or grabbing every sweet treat you find at the gas station, it will help prevent overeating at the next meal, while it provides a nutritious, low calorie, filling option. A small bag of nuts, fresh fruit or even peanut butter stuffed celery are a few options.

Change how the food is prepared that you buy or make.

Switching from fried foods to baked, steamed, roasted or grilled is another easy change you can make. Eating more whole foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables can also fill you up without filling you out. The simplest way to do it is to eat more whole foods, like fresh fruits and vegetables that you don’t cook. Slow cooked meat will melt in your mouth and you control all the ingredients. There’s no worry about extra sugar or fat added. Grilled food has that smokey flavor everyone loves, and also is lower in calories than pan fried meat. Not only will changing how the food is made reduce the calories and benefit your health, it can also enhance the flavor.

Cut out added sugar.

It’s probably the hardest thing for most people to do for two reasons. Sugar tends to be in most products on the grocery shelf and it’s also addictive. Catsup has sugar in it, so do most prepared foods. That’s why making the food yourself and keeping it closest to its natural state is important. Start checking labels when you shop and look for words like glucose, fructose, sugar or maple syrup, for example. Whether it’s honey, granulated sugar, maple sugar or high fructose corn syrup, it’s all sugar and it activates the same area of the brain as cocaine does.

  • What you drink makes a difference. If it’s soft drinks, it adds calories and even diet soft drinks can add inches to your waist according to recent studies. Try water. Water hydrates you and can fill you up so you eat less.
  • Don’t opt for low fat dairy, such as low fat yogurt. Sugar is added to make it palatable when the fat is removed. You’re better off consuming that type of healthy fat, which fills you up and keeps you satisfied longer.
  • Make sure your meals include a rainbow of color. Fruits and vegetables are a specific color because of the phytonutrients. Anthocyanins, for example, are powerful antioxidants and make the foods that contain them red, blue or purple. The more colorful your meal, the more diverse the nutrients.
  • At Craig Long Fit, we can help you with a program of healthy eating that makes it easy to eat the right thing. You can start today or ask for a free consultation.

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Seven Ways To Make Your Holidays Healthier

Seven Ways To Make Your Holidays Healthier

No matter what your attitude toward the holidays, whether you hate them, love them or dread all the work they entail, everyone has to struggle with keeping well. You can make your holidays healthier in Florida. Heading into the year end holidays adds to the stress that’s been building since Halloween. One way to help is to get adequate sleep. Adequate sleep reduces stress and boosts your energy. It helps you make smarter decisions and even eat less. When you lack sleep, ghrelin, the hormone that makes you feel hungry increases and the creation of leptin, the hormone that tells your brain you’re full is suppressed so you eat more, which results in weight gain.

Don’t skimp on exercise.

If you feel like you’re ready to explode because of stress, maybe it’s time to take a long brisk walk, run up and down the stairs or go work out at the gym. That vigorous exercise can help burn off the hormones of stress. It also can help you lose weight. Besides burning calories, exercise builds muscle tissue, which burns more calories than fat tissue does. The more you have, the higher your metabolism. Also, when you exercise, one of the hormones of stress that’s burned is cortisol, which is linked with the accumulation of visceral—belly—fat.

Eat healthy and don’t skip meals.

You don’t have to pass up Aunt Harriet’s delicious once a year pastries or simply munch on carrot sticks throughout the holiday season, but that doesn’t mean you should eat those things every day. Plan and make your meals ahead on the weekend so you aren’t tempted to grab a drive-through dinner. Make sure you have healthy snacks available, such as cut up veggies and dip or fresh fruit, such as cantaloupe, cut and ready in the refrigerator. Package serving size bags of nuts for work or take a few apples. It will help you stay out of the cookie jar at home and at work. When the holidays come, fill up on vegetables and take smaller portions of higher calorie foods, like Aunt Harriet’s delicious pastry.

Don’t forget the water.

Everyone will be raising their glasses in toasts throughout the holiday times. Make smarter choices when it comes to what you drink, too. Alcoholic beverages can pack on the pounds, plus if you drink too many, contribute to health conditions. Stick with lower or no calorie options, such as water. If you want a drink, an extra spicy Bloody Mary could be an option. Infused water—water flavored with fresh fruit, herbs or vegetables—is a great option for anyone trying to achieve healthy living, so if you’re throwing a party, why not have some on hand. Water is the quicker picker-upper, so have a bottle with you at all times during the holidays.

  • Make your favorite dishes a little healthier and lower in calories. Use applesauce to replace some of the oil or sugar in baked goods or substitute Greek yogurt for sour cream.
  • Spend more time focusing on what the holidays are all about, family and friends, rather than on food and gifts. The biggest gift you can give to others is the gift of your time. Enjoy those moments with family and friends and watch your stress seem to melt.
  • Simplify as much as you can. The adults in one family quit exchanging gifts. Instead, each person makes a huge pot of soup and freezes half gallon containers for each family group. At Christmas, they exchange these and everyone has several ready made meals that just needs warming.
  • If you’re going to a holiday party where you know everything will pack on the pounds, don’t skip meals before you go. Instead, snack on some healthy options that will fill you up so you’ll eat less when you’re there.

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Best Way To Tone Your Arms

Best Way To Tone Your Arms

Most the women I talk to want great looking arms and men want muscular biceps. Both require building your arm muscles. Both require the same types of exercises, except to tone your arms you do more repetitions with lower weight. In order to build larger muscles, just use the same strength building exercises and add more weight, which automatically cuts the amount of reps you do to failure. No matter what your goal, big guns or no flab but a sculptured look, these exercises work great. It’s all about the amount of weight you use.

Start with a tricep exercise.

Tricep pushups are a good start, they use body weight and are similar to regular pushups, but hands are closer together and done on bent knee. Tricep kickbacks are another. You need weights for these. Have one dumbbell in your left hand with right leg forward two feet and keeping your weight evenly distributed. Lean forward with the right hand on your right thigh and bend your leg. Bend your left hand at the elbow. Lift the weight in the left hand by bending your elbow, inhaling as you’re lifting and then lower it as you exhale.

Work out your biceps.

Nothing is better than bicep curls to give a sculpted look or build those muscles. For toning, use weights that allow you to do 15 to 20 without being completely fatigued. Go for higher weights and fewer reps for building muscles. Start with a dumbbell in each hand and arms down to the sides with the palms facing inward. Start to raise your arms by bending your elbow as you slowly turn the palms so when it’s raised, the palms of the hand meet your bicep, then lower back to starting position.

The lateral raise can tone your deltoids and shoulder area.

You need two dumbbells for this one that are about the same weight as the bicep curl of the last exercise. Have one dumbbell in each hand and bending slightly at the hip with the weights in front of you. Slowly raise your arms straight out to the side high enough to make your body appear like the letter “T.” Slowly lower your arms back down and then raise them again.

  • If you can do regular, rather than modified knee push ups, they’ll help you build beautiful arms without using weights. Your body becomes the weight.
  • Try an overhead extension with a dumbbell to get rid of flab. Hold one dumbbell vertically with both hands. Keep your wrists straight and bend your arm at the elbow as you raise your arm overhead with elbows pointed toward the ceiling as you lower the dumbbell behind the head. Raise the dumbbell up again.
  • Try a kettlebell for some fun exercises that will get your arms toned and firm fast. A kettlebell swing also exercises the core muscles.
  • Tricep dips can be done anywhere and don’t require any equipment. You simply hang on the edge of a bench or chair as you lower yourself to the floor.

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Will Lemon Water Help Me Lose Weight Fast?

Will Lemon Water Help Me Lose Weight Fast?

What’s the latest rage in the weight loss area? It seems that one of them is an old favorite, lemon water. Although, today it’s not called lemon water, it’s called detox water. While it’s true drinking it frequently can help you lose weight fast, there’s more to the story than that. Lemon juice and water simply isn’t a magic formula that makes fat fall off as soon as you start to drink it. The benefits come, not from the combination of lemon and water, but from the water itself.

Lemon water is a good substitute for your normal drink, especially if that drink is a soft drink.

Whether you opt for a sugar free soda or one with all the sugar, there are still effects from the soft drink. While the one with sugar adds extra calories, a new study shows that the one without can add inches to your waistline in the form of visceral fat. If your drink of choice is coffee with all the extras, you already know these can make your waistline grow. It’s simply lower in calories than fruit juice, too. Substitute 8-eight ounce glasses of this drink for ones that contain 100 or more calories and you’ll see weight start to drop off without changing anything else.

Water does a lot for your body.

In fact, most of your body is composed of water. It protects the brain by insulating it from harm, carries nutrients and keeps the body regulated, just to name a few. However, not everyone knows automatically that they’re thirsty. Some people mistake it for hunger and then they eat. You know that feeling, you start thinking of a juicy slice of watermelon or aren’t really sure what you’re hungry for so work your way through the cupboards until you find it. Drinking a glass of lemon water or just plain water can stop that lingering hunger. Staying hydrated also helps your body break down fat and even help with water weight and bloating.

Drinking water can boost your metabolism.

If the water is cold, your body needs to burn calories to get it back to normal temperature. Improving your hydration can boost the energy center of the cell, the mitochondria and that can lead to improved metabolism. The higher your metabolism, the more calories you burn. One study showed that it increased metabolic rate by as much as 30% for 30-40 minutes.

  • Lemon water, just like regular water, can make you feel fuller and is good to drink before you eat. You’ll eat less and that’s what makes losing weight easier.
  • If you’re not a water fan, lemon water and other fruit or vegetable infused waters can make you one. They change the taste of water and the floating fruit or slices of vegetables add a bit of elegance to the drink.
  • A small study of 48 adults with half drinking a half liter of water before a low calorie meal and the other half simply getting the low calorie meal, found that after 12 weeks, the group with the premeal water lost 44 percent more than the one that didn’t have the water.
  • Even though lemon water doesn’t do anything more than dress up ordinary water, it’s still good for weight loss, since staying hydrated is.

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Best Exercises To Get Rid Of Back Fat

Best Exercises To Get Rid Of Back Fat

When you want to look your best, especially in a silhouette producing outfit, you don’t want bulges hanging down over a bra. It takes two things to look great, losing weight and doing exercises to get rid of back fat. I tell clients in Florida that to look your best, the weight loss is necessary. It won’t take off pounds specifically on your back, but all over your body. The exercises then tones the area and makes back fat less noticeable.

Spot exercises don’t really work.

Yes, you want the area toned, so in that sense, it works. However, it won’t take fat off that specific area. When your body loses fat, it comes off the entire body, not just the area the exercise targeted. However, it does tone the muscles in that area, so when the fat is gone, it will look toned and not flabby. The multi-pronged approach works to remove fat and build muscle tissue. Once the fat is gone, and only then, can you see all the work you put into toning the muscles.

Use exercises that tone the back, upper arms, core muscles and burns high amounts of calories.

That’s the perfect description of strength training exercises. It’s even more true when you use circuit training or high intensity interval training. Burning calories is a key way to get rid of all fat and strength training is one way to do it. The muscles in the back are divided in three groups, upper back, mid back and lower back. Work all three areas and you’ll see a huge difference. It will eliminate a lot of the jiggle and lap over. Work the trapezoids, deltoids, the latissimus dorsi, lower trapezius, rhomboids and erector spinae.

Use exercises with pulling motions for the upper back, mid back and shoulder area.

A wide grip pullup is a good exercise for the upper back, just as a Romanian deadlift with weights are. Using a cable machine, a seated close-grip row and standing upright row work. Exercises that simulate pulling, throwing and rowing help build the muscles. A back stretch and unilateral hammer-grip pull-down work well, too. Push ups work the deltoids and give a more sculpted appearance. A workout containing Superman, back extension, knee roll and trap bar deadlift all work the lower back area.

  • Compound exercise are a good way to boost the effectiveness. They work several muscle groups at once and burn more calories as they build strength and tone.
  • Working out with weights will get results faster and help burn fat. It defines your back and builds muscle tissue faster.
  • Stay hydrated while you’re trying to burn back fat. It will help you feel full longer, replenish the water you lost working out hard with weights and even improve your skin.
  • For something you can do in the office to help build back muscles, try jumping jacks without the jump. Start with your arms at your side cross them at the top and lower them and cross them at the bottom, like you would in a jumping jack.

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Plan Your Workouts

Plan Your Workouts

Our program is complete and provides a step-by-step procedure to ensure a healthy diet and maximize the benefits of your workout based on your age, goal, special needs and fitness level. However, you have to actually do the program. Even though we provide the motivation and accountability, you still have to do the workout and follow the dietary recommendation. If you’re working out on your own, not only will you have to make sure you do the workout, but also plan your workouts so they address all types of fitness, are specific to your needs and vary it frequently so you don’t plateau.

You need to work on all types of fitness.

To be your healthiest, you need flexibility, strength, endurance and balance. If you’re planning your own workout, your program should contain exercises that address all these areas. Both strength and flexibility help prevent injury, but strength training without flexibility training is like having a pulled muscle waiting to happen. Endurance and balance training are also important to keep you at your most active. Some exercises work two, three or all these areas, being the most efficient and ensuring you’ll maximize your workout.

You need an exercise plan to ensure you reach your goals.

One reason for setting goals is so you can create and exercise plan that will address those goals. You’ll be more likely to stick with a program if its easy for you to follow. It can also provide a way to measure your success. If you started doing push-ups three weeks ago and could barely do three, but just three weeks later, you’re able to do twenty, it’s easy to see how much you’ve progressed.

There’s no excuse for not working out.

Have you ever been out to eat and found it hard to choose from the menu. There may have been a lot of choices and knowing exactly what you wanted was tough or nothing looked tantalizing. You won’t have to worry about what to do next or lose time searching the internet for the next “best” workout. It’s at the tip of your fingers when you have an exercise plan. It saves time and eliminates that procrastination that can spoil any workout plan.

  • If you’re creating an exercise plan on your own, first list your goal and break it down to achievable smaller goals.
  • Find workouts that are within your capability that include all types of exercise. HIIT—high intensity interval training—workouts using strength building and movement can include endurance, flexibility, balance and strength.
  • When you create your workout, make sure you include a way to measure whether you’ve achieved your goal and a date that you’ll achieve it. For instance, weight loss, inches lost or even number of repetitions can dictate success.
  • If you find it’s just too tough to create an exercise plan that works for you, check out our workout program. I also offer a program to help you eat healthier, so you reach your fitness goals quicker.

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Invest In A Crockpot

Invest In A Crockpot

One of my clients in Florida, said they eat only crockpot foods as a road to fitness. They either make the food in the morning and let it cook all day and it’s ready for a meal at night or let it cook while they sleep and refrigerate and reheat it later. You can make several healthy meals without effort or cooking over a hot stove, which is a true pleasure in our hot weather. Those who work often cook it at night to avoid the stress of coming home from work late, make more complicated recipes or be able to sample it to ensure it’s fully cooked, just in case you need to cook it longer.

Here’s a great healthy recipe that’s easy to make.

Chili might not sound as good today, since it’s super hot outside, but imagine it on those cold rainy days. YUM! This sweet potato chili is even more delicious and nutritious. One cup only has 275 calories but lots of nutrition, thanks to the tomatoes, black beans, spices and cubed sweet potato. Use one pound of ground turkey, 1onion and 1jalapeno, 3 garlic cloves, 2 large sweet potatoes, a can of black beans, a can of crushed fire roasted tomatoes and two cups of chicken broth. Season with a half teaspoon of ground coriander or a teaspoon cumin, a teaspoon of each cinnamon and kosher salt, a tablespoon of each chili powder & unsweetened cocoa powder and a half teaspoon of pepper. Dice the onions, mince and seed the jalapeno and garlic. Put it all in a pot, breaking up the turkey and cook for six to eight hours on low or half that time on high.

Was that list of ingredients too daunting. How about a simple chicken recipe and a side of salad? Have chicken will eat healthy, especially if it’s skinless boneless chicken breast. Just buy a two pound package of chicken breasts, a jar of salsa—the chunky kind and measure out a half cup of balsamic vinegar. Put the breasts on the bottom of your slow cooker, cover it with your jar of salsa and add the vinegar on top. Cook it on low for six hours, but if you’re in a rush, put it on high for four hours. You can shred it and mix it in the juice, serving it on a bun for an added treat or serve it with roasted veggies.

There are loads of healthy weight loss recipes ready to use.

If you do an internet search, you’ll find so many healthy recipes it will make your mind swim. Best of all, the food is done and waiting for you in the evening, so there’s no temptation to get carryout or stop at burger quickie. Making a full recipe can help create meals for several days. Just freeze the leftovers for another day. You’ll be amazed at how it helps you save time, money and lose weight all at the same time.

  • Don’t limit your cooking to dinner, you can make breakfast in a crock pot too. Try steel cut oatmeal, one of the healthiest types. You’ll have to spray the inside of the crockpot with oil to ensure the oatmeal doesn’t stick. It’s one important step you shouldn’t forget.
  • Do you have leftover vegetables that need to be used? Try some slow cooker soup. It’s delicious and even if you don’t eat it that night, makes a great emergency item for the freezer.
  • Try a slow cooker whole chicken with lots of vegetables beside it. Carrots, onions, peppers and potatoes are just a few you can add.
  • I offer a wealth of recipes for crockpots and other easy to cook healthy meals you can access from your phone. Give it try. You may find that you like eating healthy more than you thought.

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